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          Nadica Biceva - Dimitrovski is the founder and owener of “Kreacija”, a brand of contemporary jewellery. She designs the pieces that are exclusivey handmade by her. By playing with different textures and types of textiles, she creates a base that allows bursts of creativity, inspiration and imagination, meeting the criteria of high esthetics, simplicity and uniqueness in her contemporary jewellery. The offer of ideas and new pieces of jewellery is complemented on a daily basis, as an expression of the inexhaustible possibilities for creation of newer and newer designs, which follow the tendencies, but do not pulsate as commercial items. The “Golden Century” jewelry collection is inspired from Macedonian cultural heritage, and namely from the exhibition “The Golden Chamber”, which is permanently displayed at the House of Robevci in Ohrid, Macedonia. All of the items from the “Golden Century” collection are hand-made and reflect the power of the past, the magic of women who lived in the 5th century BC and the mysteries of the tombs from the Archaic period and the Hellenistic era. Various interlaced geometric ornaments, spirals, circles, rosettes, masks and votive masks are expressed as art forms with eternal energy in polymer clay and gold leaf. Custom made pieces with 24K pure gold leaf are also available. This collection is designed for all those who appreciate modern jewelry, while the artist herself was driven by the motto “Our heritage can be modern and I will proudly wear it”. Each product from Atelier Kreacija is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, as a warranty of uniqueness and quality.

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