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          RAMELLE was born out of on immeasurable passion for art. Following the plastic art courses, Ramona Mihaela, the creator behind this brand wanted to romote the development of aesthetic sensitivity and storytelling imagination. Started a few years ago with a creative workshop where she would create unique handmade spice in a ” bespoke ” type, which means to make a pattern for each ordered item, depending on the customer’s measures. Experience in interacting with her clients, the practical study of proportions, shapes, work with the fabrics, templates and out patterns led the designer to desire to launch his own collections and she debuted with Dualism. Irremediably in love with design and art, she wanted to explore new dimensions with new perspectives, so she started to create collections in limited series that invited the public to discover a world where fashion fuses with architecture, where classicism meets futurism, and the elements of nature are transposed in a harmonious way by combining colors. Clothing representing more than just pieces that dress, becoming anchors of states, authentic energy that offers intense experience beacause art is one of the deepest expressions of the human creativity.

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